online Eurojackpot Lottery: Ticket Price, Draw Time, Payout Methods

EuroJackpot is a large-scale lottery that was founded in March 2012. At this time 18 states are official participants in the lottery. This article will give you the following information about the EuroJackpot: the requirements of the game, where players from India may play the lottery, how to purchase lottery tickets, how much they cost, where and when to look for the results, and how to receive a payout of the winnings.

Eurojackpot Lottery Review

A detailed review of the Eurojackpot international lottery

Eurojackpot invites players from diverse countries including India to take a chance and win money. All the participants of the game receive a unique chance to become the prizewinners of the jackpot which may be 90 million euros or even more!

What is Eurojackpot?

EuroJackpot is an online lottery that has gained great popularity in Europe. Every state participant in the lottery has its national website developed which allows the citizens of the country to play the lottery conveniently. Furthermore, the players from those countries that are not official participants of the lottery can also buy a ticket and take the chance in the game. The primary benefit of the lottery is the “transmission of the winnings” thanks to which it systematically increases and can reach a substantial amount of more than ninety million euros. 

The first draw took place on the 23rd of March 2012 and a jackpot which was announced at that time was 10 million euros. Overall, the chances of victory in the EuroJackpot online lottery are bigger because of the narrower range of additional “Euro” numbers – from one to ten whereas in Euromillion it is from one to twelve.

Video Review of Eurojackpot Lottery

We have prepared a special video for you in which we tell you how to play the Eurojackpot lottery from India, as well as mentioning a lot of useful tips. We recommend that you check out the video right now:

Eurojackpot lottery video review

Best Sites to Play the Eurojackpot Lottery

How to choose a good site to play the Eurojackpot lottery from India

Before you start playing the lottery, first and foremost, you should choose a good website for that. While looking for a platform for playing, you should pay attention to the reliability of the website, the opinions of gamblers about it, the licenses, and the security certificates. Here are the best websites where players from India can try their fortune in the EuroJackpot lottery:

  • Lotto Smile India. It is a reliable online platform that offers an opportunity for players from India to try the lottery. There is a special promotion for the new clients which is 25% off the primary lottery tickets purchase. 
  • Lottoland. This is a website with an excellent reputation that has been offering its services since 2013. There are a significant number of payment methods presented as well as special offers for gamblers from India. 
  • Lotto247. This is an online website that has a license and a certificate that protects the data of the customers. The platform was established in 2004 and since then it offers the services round-the-clock.

In addition, you can confidently choose from the following sites.


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How to Play the Online Eurojackpot Lottery from India?

A step-by-step guide on how to play the Eurojackpot lottery from India

Due to the fact that there are many websites present that provide Indian players with an opportunity to try the lottery, the only issue is which website to choose. It is important to select a trustworthy website that has good reviews, diverse payment methods, and customer support. As long as the Indian players find the website where they may play EuroJackpot safely, they should do the following:

  1. Create a personal profile on the platform.
  2. Add money to your profile.
  3. Buy a lottery ticket.
  4. Choose the numbers.
  5. Be patient and anticipate the announcement of results.
  6. Look at Eurojackpot results.

How to buy Eurojackpot Tickets Online?

Detailed instructions on how to buy Eurojackpot international lottery tickets for Indians

Indian players may buy lottery tickets conveniently online without walking out from home. It is the easiest and safest way to do that. They can obtain tickets using their mobile phone or laptop. Here is a step-by-step instruction on how to buy a ticket.

  1. Open your personal profile on the platform you are registered on.
  2. Use an appropriate option for a deposit and add money to your personal account. 
  3. Select how many tickets you would like to buy and submit your choice.

What is really convenient is that the tickets are saved online in your account so that you will not lose them. Also, the tickets are checked instantly and you will be informed if you win and your winnings will be added to your profile. 

Eurojackpot Ticket Price in India

The price of one ticket is 2 euros. This is approximately 176 Indian rupees. But, having spent such a small amount, the player receives a unique possibility to obtain a magnificent jackpot.

Eurojackpot Lottery Results

Where and when to see Eurojackpot results

The results are visible already after the lottery drawing and can be found in a special section named “Results” in the main menu. However, the registered players of the websites are informed mechanically through email or SMS in case they become the winners. Moreover, there is an opportunity for the players to look through Eurojackpot results history and review the victorious numbers from the last 10 draws. 

Draw Time

The announcement of the victorious tickets happens every week on Friday in Helsinki, Finland. It starts at 9 p.m. local time. The whole procedure is supervised by the police in order to ensure the transparency and fairness of the drawing. All the odds are established in Denmark and Germany and the evaluation of the tickets takes place there too. The winning numbers may be checked on the main website in the section called “Results.” There is also a video recording of the drawing process for those interested. 

Eurojackpot Lottery Jackpot

Eurojackpot Jackpot - a huge prize that everyone can win

Gamblers who are willing to have a go in the lottery should, first of all, buy a Eurojackpot ticket. Then they should select five primary numbers from 1 to 50 and two secondary numbers, so-called EuroNumbers, from 1 to 10. If you guess all the seven picked numbers correctly, then you become a winner of a jackpot prize. However, the lottery also offers 11 other categories of winnings apart from the maximum amount of money depending on the matched numbers. The distribution of winnings may be checked in the table above. 

The size of the jackpot begins from 10 million euros. Whereas the maximum amount of money that players of the lottery may win is 90 million euros. 

Eurojackpot Tax in India

There is no tax on the winning sum in 11 countries-participants. However, in the remaining 7 countries, there is a different percentage of tax present. 

  • In India, the tax is 30% on winnings above INR 10,000. 
  • In Slovenia, a player who won more than 300 euros will have to pay 15% tax.
  • In Italy, the tax is 6% on the prize bigger than 500 euros. 
  • In Croatia, the tax percentage is contingent on the amount of money won.
  • In Spain, the tax is 20% on the money prize higher than 2 500 euros.
  • In the Netherlands, a player who won more than 450 euros will have to pay 29% tax.
  • In Hungary, the winners will have to pay tax only if they win two of the highest categories of the prize.

Eurojackpot Lottery Odds 

When it comes to the odds of winning, there are twelve prize categories in the lottery which gives EuroJackpot India players huge chances of getting an amazing prize. The amount of winning depends on a percentage of the total ticket sales fees in eighteen countries that are involved in the lottery. 

CategorySet of 50 numbers (match)Set of 10 numbers (match)Odds of WinningWinnings (%)
I521 in 95 344 20036%
I I511 in 5 959 0138.5%
I I I501 in 3 405 1503.0%
IV421 in 423 7521%
V411 in 26 4850.9%
VI401 in 15 1340.7%
VII321 in 9 6310.6%
VIII221 in 6723.1%
IX 311 in 6023.00%
301 in 3444.3%
XI 121 in 1287.8%
XII  211 in 4219.1%

12% that remains is assigned to a special Guarantee Fund which ensures that the EuroJackpot lottery may always pay out a jackpot of no less than 10 million euros for its players. The overall chances of victory in the lottery are approximately one in twenty-six.

Eurojackpot Payout Methods in India

Eurojackpot winnings are credited to the Indian's balance on the site where he played the lottery

The rules of payout are contingent on the country in which the player is from. The people from India who are involved in the lottery and have an account on international websites with Eurojackpot lottery do not have to do anything if they won a rather small prize. Their winnings are instantly credited to their private account on the website.

If the prize is substantial, then the method of money transmission is agreed upon with the winner in advance. Also, it is important to remember that gamblers from India may be asked to provide an ID card in order to confirm their personality and check their age. Those people who are under 18 years old are forbidden from taking part in the lottery.


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