Online UK National Lottery in India

Lottery, or as they also call it “lotto” is a game with over a thousand years of history! As soon as the game moved to the Internet, its popularity has been steadily growing to this day. And thanks to the worldwide web, people in India can participate in the UK lotto, and some of them win big money. If you are as fortunate as an Indian man Balraj Awasthi, who won nearly 13 million dollars in an international lottery, you can make your dreams come true with just a single lottery ticket! We hope this review will be of great help to all of you out there who are curious about trying their luck in the UK lotto in India. At the end of the day, anyone can wake up a millionaire, and it’s more likely than you happening to come into this world!

UK Lotto Review

Detailed overview and information about UK Lotto service

When it comes to the online lottery in the United Kingdom, the UK National Lottery is what most people mean by this collocation. Twice a week anyone who bought a lottery ticket in India tries his luck to win millions of prize money. But before taking a chance in the UK lotto, let us introduce you to the details of the game that you might have not known before. 

What is UK Lotto?

What is UK Lotto and why Indians should play it

The UK lotto first appeared in 1994, and since then the game has been highly demanded among people around the world. From the technical side, the game’s fundamentals are quite simple, which is why it draws the attention of millions. Besides, unlike many other countries, to participate in the lotto you must be only over 16, versus 18, say, in the States. Just like with some slots, the UK lotto has a progressive jackpot that is hit when a ticket matches all of the six winning numbers. 

Video Review of UK Lotto Lottery

Especially for those who are used to getting information in a video format, we have prepared a video review in which we will tell you how to play UK Lotto for Indians, as well as tell you about the nuances, pros and cons.

UK lotto lottery video review

UK Lotto Draw Time

Since the UK lotto is carried out fully online, anyone can watch draws from the comfort of your home. All the UK lotto results are revealed on Wednesday and Saturday at 8:00 PM and 7:45 PM, respectively. The National Lottery of the UK has its own YouTube channel, where they post the results from previous draws, and also upload videos with important updates or news. 

Odds and Prizes

As you might have already guessed, the odds of hitting a jackpot (by getting all the six numbers right) are extremely low, and by that we mean 0.000002% (roughly 1 in 42 million). Nonetheless, there also are smaller jackpots being hit two times a week. These range from 180 to 350 million rupees. If no one was fortunate enough to guess all the six numbers, the prize money is distributed to other participants in accordance to how many numbers they have guessed right, starting with two guessed numbers:

  • Five numbers with a bonus ball;
  • Five numbers;
  • Four numbers;
  • Three numbers;
  • Two numbers.

The amount of your winnings will therefore be: 

  1. 102,589,372 rupees for five numbers with a bonus ball;  
  2. 179,531 rupees for just five numbers;
  3. 14,362 rupees for four numbers;
  4. 3,077 rupees for three numbers;
  5. 512 rupees for two guessed numbers.

UK Lotto Jackpot

Explore the biggest UK Lotto winnings

Jackpot is the biggest possible win a participant in a lottery can get by guessing all the numbers. As we already mentioned, the chances of hitting it are negligible. The amount of the jackpot is never the same and fluctuates from day to day since it depends on the number of tickets bought.

The average UK Lotto jackpot size is around 750 million rupees. However, it can easily go all the way up to a billion, or even two! Fun fact: in autumn 2019, the biggest jackpot in the history of this platform was secured by a man, who reserved the right to not reveal himself. The prize of mind-boggling 2.5 billion rupees made him a happy millionaire just like more than 4000 other jackpot winners since 1994.

Please note that one cannot buy more than seventy tickets, which is still a lot.

Best Sites to Play UK lottery in India

A useful guide on how to choose a reliable UK Lotto site

Back then, nobody outside of the UK was able to participate in the National Lottery. Times have changed, and nowadays there are international agencies providing such services to people from other countries, including India. Since any Indian can buy a ticket of the UK lotto online, the question of finding a place to do it pops up.

The rules of the UK lotto suggest only residents of the United Kingdom can buy tickets directly from the official websites of the lottery. That is why Indians need to find a reliable lotto agent to try their luck. Overall, there are more than 50 credible websites that allow millions of Indians to take part in the game. To choose a good and trustworthy site to purchase tickets of the UK lotto in India, you should consider crucial criteria:

  • Choose only licensed websites that have the right to host the UK lottery;
  • Compare those available and select the one with more favorable payment methods and commission fees;
  • Find out how much time you would have to wait in case you win on the official website of an internationally recognized mediator;
  • Any lottery winner is subject to taxation in India, so be ready to pay 30% off your prize.

Here’s a list of sites that fit all these criteria perfectly!


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How to Play UK Lotto from India?

Any Indian is eligible to participate in the UK lotto lottery through a verified agent, once you have chosen the one that suits you the most, complete the registration procedure.

The beauty of using the services of an international agent is the ability to participate in many lotteries held not only in the United Kingdom, but also in other European countries, and even in the United States.

Another great benefit for Indians is bonus offers such as discounts for tickets, or 100% as a welcome bonus. The registration process itself is quite intuitive and fast, which allows you to purchase lottery tickets after just 10 minutes!

How to Buy UK Lotto Tickets?

Detailed instructions on how Indians can buy UK Lotto tickets

As soon as one has created an account and chosen the relevant currency on an agent’s website, the next step to take will be to deposit money to be able to buy a ticket. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Before making any deposits, getting familiar with the payment methods available is a must. Moreover, it goes both for deposit and withdrawal methods, as those may often differ. 
  2. Choose the payment option wisely. Take commissions and payout time into account.
  3. Once the money has been deposited into your account, the only thing left to do is to find the UK lotto among other lotteries offered and buy a ticket. 
  4. Choose six numbers out of 59 in the pool. In case you have no time or want to rely on blind luck, some sites offer a “quick draw” option that randomly picks six numbers for you. 

The price for one ticket has risen from 150 to 200 rupees, which means some of the prizes have also increased. Besides, the Lottery sends 30 million pounds a week to charity, so by purchasing a ticket, you contribute to great things!

UK lotto Results

You can find out the results of UK Lotto online, because the draw is held on the YouTube channel

Anybody can watch a live stream where the UK lotto results of draws are announced in front of an independent adjudicator on the official website of the lottery or on YouTube. The lottery machine mixes up the balls with the numbers printed on them to finally pull them up and show all of them one by one.

There are six types of balls you will see divided by sex different colors. Each color belongs to nine balls:

  • 1 to 9 – white balls;
  • 10 to 19 – blue balls;
  • 20 to 29 – pink balls;
  • 30 to 39 – green balls;
  • 40 to 49 – yellow balls;
  • 50 to 59 – purple balls.  

Draw results and, respectively, winners are revealed right after a stream is over. Let us recall that streams are held at 8 PM on Wednesdays, and at 7.45 PM on Saturdays.

Payout at UK Lotto

UK Lotto payout details for players from India

Using the services of third-party agencies, you won’t have to claim a prize manually. Instead, the money won will be automatically transferred to your account.

As soon as prize money has been added to your balance, you can dispose of it freely. Buy other lottery tickets, or withdraw everything, it is now only up to you.

In case you decide to withdraw your winnings, make sure you use the right banking method. If the amount is insignificant, we recommend you use e-wallets, as they are both fast and have favorable transaction fees. If, however, the amount is estimated in millions of rupees, the representatives of the website will help you out with handling such a big transaction via bank transfer so that you will not have any troubles and additional questions regarding the origin of money. 


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