Online US Mega Millions Lottery in India

Mega Millions is an unsurpassed record holder among all the lotteries in terms of the Jackpot amount. It dates back to 1996, and over the years, the American lottery has won the hearts of millions of people worldwide. The minimum amount of the jackpot is $40 million, or 3 billion rupees approximately. Our team has found all about the Mega Millions lottery. Check out its specifics, learn how to play Mega Millions India.

US Mega Millions Review

Detailed review and useful information about Mega Millions Lottery

Players from other states and countries can participate in Mega Millions online on the websites of lottery agents. Did you know that every player can win 9 phenomenal prizes with the help of various matches of five main numbers and one extra “Mega Ball” balls?

What is US Mega Millions?

The US Mega Millions lottery has quite an interesting history, dating back to 1996

Two ladies, Penelope Kyle and Rebecca Paul came up with a game named “Big Game” in 1996 in the USA. In 2002, the game received a new name – “Megamillions”. In this lottery game you need to guess 5 digits out of 70 and another 1 out of 25. The number of possible lotto combinations is 5 out of 70 plus 1 out of 25.

  • The game’s minimum Jackpot is $ 40,000,000. This amount increases with each draw by another $ 5,000,000+, if nobody has won it.
  • 70 regular and 25 special balls named Mega Ball are used in every draw.
  •  The Mega Millions lottery has set a minimum jackpot, below which it never falls – 40 million USD.

The current cost of Mega Millions tickets in India is ₹300 per entry. Additionally, you can pay for the MegaPlier function, which increases the size of prizes by two to five times (+$1). If the winner does not claim the prize, the amount is divided among the participating states.

Rules5 balls out of 70 + MB 1 of 25

Draw time 
11:00 pm at Tue and Fri

Jackpot Payouts 

In Cash

The coefficient of increasing reward 

Increase the secondary rewards prizes by 2,3,4 or 5 times, depending on the MegaPlayer number.

When Are Mega Millions Drawing?

Mega Millions USA lotto draws are conducted twice a week, in the mornings at 08:30 AM on Thursdays and Sundays. The drawings come about in the city of Atlanta, Georgia. The drawing results are published on the site shortly after the draws.


Let’s see some dry figures that might come in handy for the Mega Millions game. 

  •  If you don’t hit the jackpot, but hit the 5 numbers right out of the 70, the chances of winning, which is equal to $ 1 million, are already your odds are – 1: 12,607,306.
  • In general, the probability of hitting any reward is approximately 1: 14.71.
Your guessed numbers dependent on the Mega Ball (MB)Ball Prize AmountOdds
5 digits + MB jackpot1: 302,575,350
5 – no MB 1 000 000$1: 18,492,204
4 + MB5,000$1: 739,688
4 – no MB500$1 : 52,835
3 + MB  $501 : 10,720
3 – no MB 5 $1: 766
2 + MB 5 $1: 473
1 + MB 2$1 : 56
MB only1$1: 21

So, the likelihood of hitting the jackpot in this lotto is 1 in millions. Note that in addition to the main prize, a lot of side prizes are played. The Mega Millions lotto has 9 reward tiers, with odds of 1 in 37 of getting the lowermost level. Let’s get to know what to get to be given a particular prize:

Matched NumbersOddsPrize
5 + MB1 in 302,575,350Min. $40 M – 2,983,180,000 Rs
51 in 12,607,306$1 M – 74,579,500 Rs
4 + MB1 in 931,001$10,000 – 745,795,000 Rs
41 in 38,792$500 – 37,266 Rs
3 + MB1 in 14,547$200 – 14,906 Rs
31 in 606$10 – 745 Rs
2 + MB1 in 693$10 – 745 Rs
1 + MB1 in 89$4 – 298 Rs
Only MB1 in 37$2 – 149 Rs

As with any lotto game, winning a prize is not a certainty. It is also not a good idea to trust widely believed strategies or so-called hints that promise you better chances. The advice here is to choose the games with the best odds.

Video Review of Mega Millions Lottery

We have prepared a full video review for you, which will save you time and tell you about all the details & nuances of playing Mega Millions Lottery from India:

Mega Millions lottery video review

Mega Millions Jackpot

One of the reasons the Mega Millions lottery is so popular is the big Jackpot

It has been many years since the lottery last changed the rules of the game, now there are even more prizes, and the game is more exciting. In October 2017, the minimum Mega Millions jackpot was increased from $15 to $40 million. In addition, the matrix of the guessing range has also changed – 5/70 + PB 1/25. The chances of winning the second prize increased, the changes also affected the cost of participation in the lottery and the size of secondary prizes, many of which were doubled. 

In April 2020, the lottery organizers announced that the size of the initial jackpot will be reduced, and that the guaranteed minimum reward increases between draws will be canceled. As a result of these adjustments, the company promises the most impressive prizes in the history of online lottery!

See a list of the largest jackpots already funded by Mega Millions from 2012 up to now:

  • 2016 – Indiana, USA – $536 M
  • 2018 – California, USA – $543 M
  • 2013 – California and Georgia, the USA – $648 M
  • 2012 – Illinois, Maryland, and Kansas, USA – $656 M
  • 2018 – South Carolina, USA – $1.5 B

Now it is easy to access Mega Millions from India, so the next award winner might be you!

Best Sites to Play US Mega Millions Lottery

This is a special guide on how to choose the best site to play the Mega Millions Lottery

Casino customers need to distinguish legal offices from fake ones. Often due to fake sites closing, clients may then have problems with financial operations. What should you know while choosing a gambling venue?

  • Game variety. It is important to be offered loads of different betting games and both downloadable and browser versions to enjoy the lottery conveniently.
  • User reviews. Before picking a gambling site, look at what real users write about it.
  • Popularity. Top casinos guarantee a fair and safe game with the payment of all winnings.
  • Honesty. In order not to be deceived while playing Mega Millions, try to choose an honest casino. The license testifies to the honesty of the gambling establishment.
  • Payment options. A good venue should offer various payment alternatives, for example, a card or e-wallet.
  • Customer Support. A reputed online casino needs to have 24/7 active client support with chat, and phone hotlines. 

Adhering to the above selection criteria, you will be able to find for yourself the ideal online institution, like one of these sites.


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How to Play Mega Millions from India?

To play the Mega Millions lottery, check out this detailed guide

To get an idea of how to play the Mega Millions, initially, you need to buy online tickets. These step-by-step directions will clarify the task:

  1. Select a reliable lotto site.
  2. Think about which numerals you pick, 5 numerals 1-70 and also one Gold Ball integer from 1 to 25.
  3. Decide how many times you will play, several times, or perhaps opt for a subscription. We suggest trying the lotto first and then, registering for a subscription.
  4. Next, wait for the draw, cross your fingers, or whatever you do in such cases.
  5. Finally, after the draw see your account to check how much you won!

How to Buy Mega Millions Tickets?

Detailed instructions on how to buy Mega Millions lottery tickets in India

To participate from India without any hurdles in the Mega Millions lottery you should find gambling agents that accept residents from India. Buying Mega Millions tickets online, just like in a traditional lottery, you have to choose your numbers consistent with the lotto rules.

  1. Find a reliable local lottery agency like Lottoland, LottoSmile, or LottoAgent and sign up. On this stage, enter basic information about you like your name, surname, email address, etc.
  2. Pick a ticket type. When making a purchase online, you can choose from several types of tickets: a standard Mega Millions lottery ticket price (one-time), a share in the syndicate, or a combo.
  3. Select your numbers. In the lottery, users can choose their numbers in two ways – do it themselves, or use a randomizer by tapping on “Auto-selection”.
  4. Select the ” Mega Ball “. It is typically drawn from a different container from the 1-25 range. Like in the previous draw, you may do it manually or via the “Auto-selection” feature.
  5. Add the “Megaplier” and pick the bet type. Before you click “Play”, you can enable the “Megaplayer” option. It may turn a minor prize into a large sum of money. Or else you can buy tickets by issuing a subscription or a Multi-subscription. This results in discounts!
  6. Create an invoice on the webpage. If you do not have an account yet, you will be directed to the page, where the program will ask you to fill in your personal information. After signing up, it will be easy to finalize the Mega Millions tickets purchase procedure.
  7. Enter your payment data. The last stage of the ticket acquisition process is adding the payment options.

Mega Millions ticket Price

In India, the standard price for US Mega Millions tickets is 320 Rupees. These tickets are also sold offline in stores in the USA but the tickets are only obtainable online via lotto ticket agencies. If you buy them online, you should keep in mind that the tickets can be purchased no later than 4 hours before the start of the draw.

Mega Millions Results

Mega Millions Results are published every week on Thursday and Sunday

On Thursday and Sundays at 08:30 AM the Mega Millions results are announced. Note that the draw time is different for Indian players. Check online lottery results to be informed on time.


Mega Millions winnings can be withdrawn in several ways, which are offered by the site of your choice

The reward sum will be gathered and sent to your balance. This operation will be completed by the website that you selected to play. The agent will offer some available payment methods to withdraw your funds.

  • To pay for an online lotto all you will need is a payment method and account on a lottery website.       
  • To make a payment you need to register and create an account on the official website. Then you will choose a convenient payment service. The common payment options include Paytm, UPI, Skrill, GPay, Visa and MasterCard.
  • Note that all sites limit the cash-out method to the same as one used for the cash-in. Hence, if you want to withdraw cash using an e-wallet service, deposit via the same one.

In addition, do not worry about whether you need to claim your earnings or not. All winnings are transferred instantly in due time to your account. Then the site will notify you via email. So, check if you have a valid email connected to your lotto account.

Mega Millions Winning Numbers

Mega Millions winning numbers are often repeated, so you should pay attention to these numbers

Which numbers will help you hit the jackpot? The hot numerals of MegaMillions are the ones that fell out in previous draws more often than others. Of course, results are random, but the balls with hot numbers fell out more often than other lottery balls.

One of the most frequently used and effective strategies is to search for digits that have been selected earlier more times, since they may have more chances. These are the so-called “lucky numbers”.

  • The most common integers in the Mega Millions lottery were: 29, 36, 4, and 48. And the most frequent ones were 35, 9, 36, and 7. Try to include these numbers in your next ticket.      
  • Number 15 can be called the most frequent.


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