Online US Powerball Lottery in India

Powerball can be titled a legendary lottery. Annually, this American lotto pays out an unbelievable amount of funds in jackpot prizes. Hence, several gambling sites have made it reachable on a global level. The US Powerball lottery creates lots of questions in the minds of fans. We have come up with tips on how to play Powerball India, where to buy the Powerball tickets, the jackpot, game payouts, and accompanying handy information.

Powerball Review

A detailed review of the popular American Powerball Lottery

The Powerball lotto has only been available to USA residents for a long time. Currently, it can be played all over the world thanks to the Internet. As soon as it became possible, tens of thousands of people from all countries joined the participants of the lottery drawings. It is not surprising that in India, the game attracts people with its multi-million jackpots and relatively inexpensive ticket costs. Over the entire history of the lotto, more than $43 million of winnings have been paid out!

What is the US Powerball?

Detailed information on what the American Powerball lottery is, and how Indians can play it

Powerball is a lottery game from America that comes about regularly on two days: Wednesdays,  Saturdays in forty-five states, including the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico. This lotto was originally released in the USA in 1988. Powerball was the innovator – it used the currently widespread two-drum model in which players select the figures from two separate containers. Afterward, other major players in the industry such as EuroJackpot, and MegaMillions adopted the identical lotto system.

The game contains 69 standard digits and 26 special integers. Traditionally, the participant buys a promising Powerball ticket with figures and then waits for game results. The more correct balls, the more weighty the prize. When somebody wins a reward of over $1billion, he can go for a one-time payment or a yearly 29-year reimbursement.

The US Powerball game consists of 5 main numbers between 1 and 69 and one Powerball number between 1 and 26. This system is what allows such huge jackpots. You can pick the numbers for your Powerball Ticket yourself, and you can use the number generator for the same purpose. After you buy a ticket, wait for the game results. The more numbers you guess, the bigger the prize you will get.

When are Powerball Drawings?

The lawful US Powerball lotto is held twice a week: at 10:59 PM ET on Wednesdays with Saturdays. You can try your luck to gain dozens or even hundreds of millions for every single drawing. You start with buying a ticket on the main website or from partner sites, etc. As the official site reminds us, your chances to win profit are alike in every lottery drawing. The probability of earning cash is 1 in 24.9 no matter how large the announced jackpot is. You will have the same ratio of odds for hitting a rollover.


The US Powerball lottery in India operates just as many lottos do, awarding fixed prices. That’s different from EuroMillions, which is determined by the amount of cash collected from the tickets. The actual matrix of Lotto India is 6/50 + 1/5. To receive the top prize, a player needs to guess seven digits altogether. This easy formula attracts both beginners and seasoned players.

Below you can see all the sets for lucky matches, the game odds, and the related rewards:

Only PowerBall (PB)$41: 38
1 Digit + PB$41 : 92
2 Digits + PB$71 : 580
3 Integers$71 : 36,525
3 Numerals + PB$1001 : 14,494
4 Integers$1001 : 701
4 Numerals + PB$50,0001 : 913,129
5 Digits$1 M1 : 11,688,054
5 Digits + PBAt least $40 M1 : 292,201,338

Powerball Jackpot

One of the reasons Indians want to play American Powerball is the very large jackpot

Today the most substantial Powerball top prize is also documented as the globe’s biggest lotto jackpot. For the receiver of such a large sum, the opportunities are infinite!

  1. How can you get a jackpot? Guess 5 integers from the range 1-69, plus the numeral of the Powerball bonus ball from the range 1-26. This combination can guarantee a jackpot or at least part of it. Nevertheless, to become a Powerball India millionaire, six matches are not required.
  2. A player can pick the digits for his ticket, and he can use the automatic random numerals feature. Contrary to several other lotto types the drawing order of the key numerals is of no importance as all the digits will be arranged from small to big by their value.
  3. Players who manage to correctly guess the main 5 numerals (without PB) will get a second prize of $1 million. Unlike the jackpot, this reward is not divided among the Powerball winners – each player who manages to guess 5 balls will receive at least $1 million. The lotto also presents the Power Play option that for a small surcharge, lets you double the second reward and increases the secondary ones up to 10 times.

Powerball Special Multiplier – Power Play

US Powerball in India offers players one more alternative – to implement a special multiplier to their tickets. Based on the drawn numeral of the generator and the winnings sum, the Power Play can upsurge the secondary rewards’ value by 2, 4, or 10 times. The automatic add-on of 10x is supplemented to a mix only if the sum is not more than 150 million USD. 

No matter what the importance of the multiplier for the corresponding draw is, the 2nd tier reward is permanently as much as $2 Million for the tickets with the generator. Yet, grounded on the drawn Power Play numeral, all the lower-tier trophies increase by up to 10 times.

Note: that multiplier selection doesn’t relate to the rollover.

To realize the Power Play’s importance, imagine a scenario:

In your Powerball lottery, 4 digits match, then with PB and a 10x multiplier, you may reach a $50,000 reward to $500,000. Hence, check out the Power Play, and proceed!

Video Review of Powerball Lottery

A detailed video review of the Powerball lottery from which you will learn about all the nuances and details. Also, how to start playing from India.

Powerball lottery video review

Best Sites to Play Powerball Lottery in India

A detailed guide on how to choose a good site where to play Powerball for Indians

Our editors’ team has studied over dozen reliable lottery in India to help you with your gambling decision. When you explore reviews of Powerball lottery webpages, many things need consideration when finding the best lotto website for you.

  • PROMOTIONS. Some lottery-based sites offer several bonuses with promotions to attract beginners. Select the generous ones.
  • PAYMENT METHODS. Another important factor is a financial provider that you are convenient with. Ask if the site accepts your favorite payment means – an e-wallet or a credit card.
  • LOTTOS. Apart from the authorized webpage, there are loads of other amazing game variants offered for players. Due to this, check if the lottery agent has a collection of lotto available for you.
  • DEVICE COMPATIBILITY. To open Powerball India on your smartphone, choose an operator with a convenient mobile page.
  • CLIENT SUPPORT. Support service is an essential factor in selecting the gambling agent. You will need to contact the operators via phone, real-time chat, or e-mail.

The mentioned things, while selecting a reliable Indian venue will help you make a final decision. Analyze them, read truthful reviews, pick the optimal one and launch the game!

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How to Play the Powerball Lottery?

Step-by-step instructions on how to play the Powerball lottery from India

If you have followed the instructions in the previous section, you must have selected a reliable lottery website, follow our instructions: 

  1. Create an account at the preferred website.
  2. Click on the Deposit option.
  3. Select the payment option from the offered ones.
  4. Enter the amount of deposit and complete the payment.

To start the game:

  1. Choose five numerals in the 1 – 69 range and a number from Powerball – 1 to 30. As a citizen of India, you need to do it online via a lottery agency. It is fully licensed. 
  2. From the page Lottery Tickets, choose the ‘Play’ button or pick your Powerball numbers. You may use the Quick Pick tool for a random number set.
  3. Finalize your selections. Decide how many sets of numerals you want, and choose the draw days. 
  4. Buy your entries – ₹300 per entry.

Note: Do not forget to sign up for an online account before the payment process is finalized. Next, wait for the draw.

How to Buy Powerball Tickets?

Read this guide to learn how to buy Powerball tickets in India

There are many ways and websites to get tickets remotely from India. To do it, choose a lotto agent, which accepts Indians, and generate an account. Because Powerball is among the most common and trendy lottos worldwide, many sites offer large promotions.

To buy a lotto ticket in India, you need 3 components:

  • A Website. Find an appropriate site, based on the criteria mentioned above.
  • Payment Means. Pick your favorite one – e-wallet, bank transfer, or credit card.
  • A Lotto Game. Choose the game, specifically, Powerball in India.

Given you have all these elements; you can make your purchase.

If you want to proceed with the game, promptly, check out the best lotto agents below:

OperatorFeaturesPayment MeansPromotions
LottoSmile Generous Promotions, Swift WithdrawalsMasterCard, Visa25% off your first acquisition! 
Lotto247 Huge jackpots, Top Lotto Games, Best PromotionsUPI, MasterCard, Paytm, Visa, SkrillBuy 1 ticket & get a Free Powerball Ticket! 
LottolandEasy Withdrawals, India’s #1 Ranked Lottery, Paytm TransactionsMuchBetter, GooglePay, MasterCard, Paytm, Visa

Get a Free Powerball Ticket after you Buy one Lotto ticket 

There are many other worthy options to get tickets from India. Make a wise decision. The US Powerball ticket prices can greatly vary depending on which agent you join.

Powerball Lottery Ticket Price

The Powerball lottery ticket price is $2 and supplementary $1 for the multiplier. When you purchase tickets from India online, conversely the rate may be somewhat higher because lotto agents need a small share of the price as they are reselling them. As for Lotto India, it is not difficult to buy them online if you find a dependable supplier. The average ticket costs 320 Rupees, but at all times there are promotions for novices. So they most often buy a Powerball ticket with a nice bonus.

Note: the Indian lottery is one of the most affordable games. A single miss costs 40 pounds, which is about $ 0.55. This makes it inexpensive and available if you want to try the lottery, but do not want to invest too much money.

If you wonder where to find the tickets, in the USA it is possible to buy Powerball tickets yet up until then the cost will be a little higher at Indian lottery sites.

Powerball Results

More information about where and when you can find out the results of the American Powerball lottery

The most promising lotto game features various tiers of rewards to be ever won by the gamblers. The highest reward ever attained by a Powerball winner is nearly Rs 11,480 crores. Use your chance to win a surprising amount, too. In India Powerball draws are held in the mornings of Thursdays and Sundays. Talking about Indian time, the balls should be known by 08:30 am these days.

To check the lucky numbers, go to the main webpage and click on the section ‘PowerBall’. You can see the game results there. In addition, the page shows all the additional info like the sum of the jackpot, the rewards for all the next 8 tiers, how many Powerball winners for every tier, and the victors in PowerPlay. In the results section, the initial five numerals are your focal ones, the next numeral, highlighted with red, is the PowerBall. The last optional digit highlighted in blue indicates the PowerPlay.

The fun doesn’t end with the two weekly lotto draws. If you have missed the session, forgot to view the outcomes, or maybe you just need the latest information about the Powerball lottery results, visit the reliable web pages.

Note: To increase your chances of predicting the numbers of Jackpot, we advise you to try analyzing the latest game updates. This will help you build a strategy.

Powerball Payout

If you manage to win the Powerball lottery, you can withdraw your winnings in several ways

If you have been lucky to hit the jackpot of Powerball in India, you have two alternatives. Claim all your funds once or get the 29-year long, 30 twelve-monthly payments.

The disadvantage of getting all the money in a single lump sum is that your prize is calculated as if it were paid in a long-term plan. This implies that in this case a portion of your prize will be decreased. For instance, as we can see from a famous jackpot gain in 2019, a young person won a $768.4 million jackpot. After choosing a one-time payment sum option he got only $477 million in cash.

Here are the steps to take once you have hit a jackpot.

  1. How will I get informed about the jackpot and its amount?

Go to your Powerball player profile, open the section ‘My Activity’, the tab ‘Lotto bets’ will display your selected numerals for any stakes, with the real won figures drawn for the lotto you have wagered on. Matching integers will be shown with a green border, clarifying how many numbers match in total. You will find your reward for the stake in the section ‘Winnings’.

  1. How to withdraw my reward?

To take your funds, you need to specify the savings account you will receive the payments into, with the sum you want to pull out. To avoid funds laundering and guarantee that only you are paid for your reward, your account used for receiving payments must be registered in your name and show correctly the place of residence. The pulled-out cash will generally be deposited in your personal bank account within a couple of working days.

  1. How to check if the payout is guaranteed?

On the Indian Powerball lottery website, you wager on the result of the draw. Essentially, the players have the precise same client familiarity as if they were playing the actual lotto.

To carry out the bigger reward tier payments, the company withdraws insurance policies. Thus, you will cover part of the bet’s price as a policy payment. For minor reward tier funds, Lottoland pays directly using the funds gathered from the ticket sales.

Powerball Winners

The American Powerball lottery regularly publishes a list of winners, and perhaps one of them will be you

The American Powerball lotto modifies the lives of players who hit the jackpot. One of these lucky gamblers is Manuel Franco from Wisconsin. He won the third biggest jackpot reward in the US in 2019 – $768,4 million! He will always remember the US Powerball! 

Many other gamblers have also become tycoons owing to this lotto, and others win dozens of millions of USD yearly. 

Today the most impressive Powerball jackpot is at the same time the globe’s biggest lotto jackpot. In 2016, three blessed players shared an unbelievable sum of $1.586 billion!

Among plenty of Indian lotto winners, Nandlall Mangal hit an incredible jackpot of 245.6 million USD!

If you think about the lowest jackpot that the game is not worth the candle, you will see that it is still wonderful. The Powerball jackpot at all times begins its growth at $40 million and each time the first reward is not won it has a $10 million rollover.


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