Online Euromillions Lottery in India

It's no secret that the Euromillions lottery is a pretty hyped event. Indians can take part in the draw via different websites and various devices. Here participants can win individually and as part of some groups. Here participants have a good chance to win individually and as part of groups. Here you’ll find plenty of advanced data which will allow you to be in the know about ways of participating in the Euromillions free lottery. Besides, we will focus on its review, odds, draw time, etc.

Euromillions Lottery Review

Everything you need to know about the Euromillions lottery - detailed review

Indians have an excellent opportunity to hit a big Jackpot. Sometimes it reaches ₹4,9 Billion. However, if it hasn’t found its owner, the money is saved until the next draw. In addition, the amount of the winnings increases.

In case you would like to read the statistics of drawn lottery numbers, you should know that it is always finger-end information. You can find it whilst visiting the official lotto site. To maximize their chances of winning, many Euromillions tickets holders are betting on numbers that often come up.

What is Euromillions Lottery?

Euromillions is an extremely popular draw all over the world, including India. It has long established itself on the world stage. It was first held back in 2004 when the three famous European corporations in tandem created this lottery.

It is worth noting that normally the Euromillions jackpot is distributed as follows:

  • the founders keep only 0.5% of all winnings;
  • 4.5% are delivered to the cost of the lottery itself;
  • 5% go to the sellers’ commissions;
  • 12% are intended for the state treasury;
  • 28% are directed by the incorporators who carry out various activities aimed at charity events.

Euromillions is a fun draw with a 1 in 22 lower opportunities of getting an amazing jackpot. It can be played from India through some of the websites. The wonderful distinguishing feature is its jackpot. Moreover, the winners immediately get their winnings into their accounts.

Euromillions Draw Time

Euromillions tickets are drawn twice a week: at first, it was only Tuesday, but then Friday became another full-fledged playing day. So, the winning numbers can be found out on these playing days.


Usually, Euromillions Superdraw is held in a rather spontaneous manner. The participants get to know about the draws about 7-8 days before they are held. Sometimes there is no clear winner of the super trophy and the whole jackpot is rolled over to the next event.

Euromillions Lottery Odds

Interestingly, the odds of the most impressive jackpot here are 1 in 139,838,800. How small or big it is, it’s up to you to judge. Read some useful information.

Matched (where N- numbers, LS – lucky stars)Average Prize (in ₹)Odds
5N + 2LS4,9 Billion1 in 139,838,160
5N+ 1LS35,7 Million1 in 6,991,908
5N5 Million1 in 3,107,515
4N+ 2LS272,6171 in 621,503
4N + 1LS13,5591 in 31,075
4N4,7321 in 13,811
3N + 2LS8,6521 in 14,125
3N + 1LS1,1551 in 706
3N9651 in 314
2N + 2LS1,5571 in 985
2N + 1LS6371 in 49
2N3471 in 22
1N + 2LS8331 in 188

Video Review of Euromillions Lottery

In this quick guide, we’ll tell you all the nuances and helpful tips on how to play the Euromillions lottery from India:

Euromillions lottery video review

Euromillions Lottery Jackpot

What is a Euromillions jackpot and how much can be won

For a start, the biggest jackpot to one winner was recorded on August 10, 2012. It hit the maximum allowed Euromillions jackpot of €190 million. The drawing rules state that if the jackpot reaches 1510 crore, then it stops accumulating. Nevertheless, the prize money itself continues to grow, with large sums going to the winners of the next prize level.

Best Sites to Play Euromillions

A step-by-step guide on how to choose a reliable Euromillions lottery site from India

While selecting a site with a giveaway, you should make sure that all your desires match the offers of the site. So, the following aspects should be considered:

  • the reputation and the security of an online casino;
  • the promotions and sales;
  • the mobile application;
  • customer support;
  • payment methods;·        
  • other virtual draws.

Based on all these criteria, we have chosen the top 10 best sites for this game.


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How to Play Euromillions Lottery from India?

Detailed instructions on how Indians can start playing the Euromillions lottery

To play Euromillions India you have to follow the steps below.

  1. Find a lottery website that you can play on.
  2. Register on the site. The registration procedure will take just a couple of minutes.
  3. Deposit some money to buy Euromillions tickets.
  4. Select the numbers you would like to play. By the way, you need five key main numbers 1-50 and 2 Lucky Star numbers 1-12.
  5. Decide for yourself how much you would like to play (one draw, multiple draws, or by subscription).
  6. If you like Euromillions, then subscribe. In this case, you won’t worry about forgetting to purchase your numbers or even missing out on the Euromillions results.
  7. Wish yourself luck and keep waiting for your draw.
  8. Compare your numbers to the draw and hope you hit the jackpot or at least some consolation prize.
  9. Cash out your winnings or continue to tempt fate.

So, as you see playing this lotto is as easy as playing any other lottery in India. But only this lottery can boast of a big jackpot. Besides, you can play it from anywhere and use any gadget you like best – a computer or a mobile device.

It is highly important that as soon as you win, the money will be immediately credited to your account. This way, you are free to choose whether you want to use the money to continue playing or withdraw it. Wherever you live in India, there shouldn’t be any nasty problems with Indian law as the websites are located overseas.

How to buy Euromillions Tickets Online?

Step-by-step instructions on how to buy Euromillions lottery tickets in India

To buy Euromillions Tickets in India, you are to follow the recommendations below.

  1. Visit the website where you have chosen to play using the credentials you have already registered with.
  2. Search for the cart and the checkout button.
  3. Complete the payment.
  4. You will see Euromillions tickets among other draws. So, think and choose the cherished numbers for which you want to get a valid ticket.
  5. Buy them.
  6. Provide a scanned copy because lottery tickets are also available in India as reliable resellers.

Euromillions Ticket Price

One Euromillions ticket price is 2.5 euros. It is approximately 221 Indian rupees. Confirm the payment and then keep waiting for results or just play Euromillions. Joy go with you!

Euromillions Results

Where and when to find out Euromillions lottery results

The Euromillions results can be seen twice a week at 00:15 Indian time. Turn on the live broadcast on YouTube on game days. Besides, to be aware of the results, be free to visit the official website through which the Euromillions tickets were bought. In addition to these options, you may go on the official website of the Euromillions lotto, or the website of certified resellers, as you do not purchase a ticket directly from the host country, but through intermediaries.

Euromillions Payout

Euromillions payout details for players from India

Each successive lucky person who can guess all 6 key numbers of the winning combination of the lotto has a choice of several options to obtain his legal fortune, namely:

  • to agree to annual payments for 30 years;
  • to pick up the winnings right away.

By choosing a one-time payment, the money of the lotto won is significantly lower than the same one in annual payments, because the winner will not get any accumulated interest. In addition, tax deductions from more modest annual payments may be significantly lower than the deductions from an impressive winning.

If you have chosen to receive a full sum of money, read out the necessary data below.

Lucky stars
Probability of winning (Fraction)Probability of winning (%)% of prize fundThe winnings (₹)
2N0 LS1 in 224.57%18.25%      ₹317
2N1 LS1 in 492.03%14.85%      ₹633
1N2 LS1 in 1880.53%4.95%₹792
3N0 LS1 in 3140.32%3.50%₹950
3N1 LS1 in 7060.14%1.85%₹1108
2N2 LS1 in 9850.10%1.75%₹1504
4N0 LS1 in 13,8110.0072%0.38%₹4592
3N2 LS1 in 14,1250.0071%0.67%₹8234
4N1 LS1 in 31,0750.0032%0.48%₹12 984
4N2 LS1 in 621,5030.00016%0.45%₹243 535
5N0 LS1 in 3,107,5150.000032%0.92%₹25 lakh
5N1 LS1 in 6,991,9080.000014%3.95%₹240 lakh
5N2 LS1 in 139,838,1600.00000072%43.2%JackpotMinimum Rs. 120 crore.

We recommend that everyone who wants to get a great Jackpot, try to play this draw. In addition to the experience gained, you will get a great adrenaline rush. Well, if you are lucky enough, you will delight yourself and your kith and kin with a cool win. So, as you see, the benefits of the lottery are:

  • big jackpots;
  • live streaming of draws;
  • fair results.

A small number of Indian lotteries have such advantages, for this reason, it is worth playing the draw even from India.


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