Indian Government Lottery 2024

A lottery is probably one of the most exciting games that don’t require any special skills from you but can bring pretty big prizes. Nevertheless, for many players, it isn't clear enough if it’s legal in India or not. In this topic, we’ll make a detailed review of the government lottery in India as well as its main features, in which states such games are legal, their advantages, comparison of different types, and other interesting related points. Check it out!

TOP 5 popular government lotteries in india

Government Lotteries, which are very popular in India

Such games are extremely popular pieces of entertainment in India. It’s not surprising as they are very simple and fun! All you need to win is to buy lucky government lottery tickets. As a rule, awards are gigantic!

However, you can enjoy the government lotto only in 13 of 28 Indian states. Moreover, some of their features may differ and they are still not available online. Hence, it’s worth taking a look at different Indian lotteries and checking out their main features. Provided with this information, it would be much easier for you to have more excitement and win.

Kerala Government Lottery

Kerala Government Lottery is one of the most popular lotteries

Kerala government lottery was the first one in India that later impacted other states to provide their lotteries as well. For now, it offers 7 different daily games with prizes of around 5,000,000 Indian Rupees. The list of such lotteries includes:

  • Win-Win.
  • Sthree Sakthi.
  • Akshaya.
  • Karunya Plus.
  • Nirmal Weekly.
  • Karunya.
  • Pournami.

The games are located according to their turn in the week starting from Monday. Hence, it’s quite easy to check government lottery results as each game has a unique title and a special day of the week. Also, the Kerala government lottery includes games that run at a special time of year and usually provide bigger prizes. Such lotto events are usually related to celebrations or weekends. They include:

  • The Christmas and New Year Bumper Lottery take place in winter.
  • Summer Bumper Lottery in spring.
  • Vishu Bumper Lottery in spring.
  • Monsoon Bumper Lottery in summer.
  • Thiruvonam Bumper Lottery in autumn.
  • Kerala Pooja Bumper Lottery in autumn.

Such a big amount of offered opportunities provides you a chance to buy many tickets and take part in many games. As a rule, Kerala lottery tickets cost around 35 Indian Rupees. Buying more tickets and playing every day considerably increases your probability of winning.

Bodoland Government Lottery

Daily Bodoland Government Lottery, playable only land-based

Bodoland Government Lottery takes place in Assam state. Nevertheless, you won’t find a lot of information about it on the Internet as it runs only land-based. Several important benefits make it so great! First of all, just like the Kerala government lottery, it runs daily. Secondly, the tickets are pretty cheap compared to the lotto in other states.

On average, the cost per Bodoland lotto ticket is around 2 Indian Rupees. Such a price attracts a lot of Indians as they can play more. And finally, Sunday is a lucrative day for you as there are 5 games held on this day. They include:

  • Ruby Sunday.
  • Thunder Sunday.
  • Effort Sunday.
  • Silver Sunday. 
  • Blue Sunday.

The prize amount varies a lot. If a player who wins the biggest jackpot receives 50,000 Indian Rupees, one that gets sixth place receives only 50. Nevertheless, it’s still quite profitable for such cheap government lottery tickets. Accordingly, Bodoland Lottery is almost a free government lottery in India where you can simultaneously take part in several games and win quite a big prize in total. Also, it’s a perfect choice for those who dream to win a prize no matter how big it would be as the probability of winning is pretty high.

Sikkim Lottery

Sikkim Lottery - Another Indian daily offline lottery

Another government lottery in India provides players from Sikkim lotto every day. During the last few years, some Bumper games became available for Indians. Nevertheless, their quantity is limited to 6 games yearly. Playing daily games there is a possibility to win up to 50 lakhs of Indian Rupees, while Bumper can bring even 5 crores! As a rule, Sikkim lottery tickets cost around 40 Rupees. It makes such games almost free government lotteries in India as well. The list of Bumper includes:

  • Sakranti.
  • Saraswati.
  • Sikkim Dear Holi.
  • Sikkim Baisakhi.
  • Diwali.
  • Dear New Year.

Hence, these games run during some special events just like the Kerala government lottery. Despite the quite big awards, the odds of winning in such games are always pretty low. Also, if you win a big prize of 10,000 Rupees or more, you need to provide a ticket and required papers to receive a prize. Such an operation is pretty time-taking and complex, but with the help of some lotto agents, it may be easier. Despite this fact, people still buy government lottery tickets.

Punjab Lottery

The Punjab Lottery is a unique lottery that is held on special days

Unlike the other mentioned lotto games, the Punjab lottery doesn’t provide any daily, weekly, or even monthly games. Nevertheless, there are still some games offering attractive and profitable prizes. They usually run on some special day of the year such as winter holidays, weekends, festivals, and so forth. The dates can change each year as well as the quantity of government lottery tickets available for customers.

The price of tickets may vary, but on average it’s costly and may cost up to 500 Rupees per one. However, the prizes are quite big and may get around 2 crores. There are not many winners of such a government lottery in India, so it’s recommended to buy more tickets with the hope to get lucky ones as it’s the only way to increase the probability of your winning and gain success. The maximum number of possible Indians who will win among all the mentioned games is two players in the State Diwali. All the rest are limited to a single winner only.

Lottery Sambad

Lottery Sambad is the most common lottery, with three games played daily

Unlike the Kerala government lottery, Lottery Sambad provides a much bigger frequency of games. Every day there are three lotto games available for players. Moreover, this lottery is available for almost all states making it the most popular lotto. The games can be divided according to the time when they take place:

  • Morning at 11:55 am.
  • Evening at 4:00 pm.
  • Afternoon at 8:00 pm.

Consequently, the Morning ones provide smaller prizes compared with the Afternoon. Each time five winners have bought lucky government lottery tickets. The biggest prize is 31 lakhs of Indian Rupees for first place in the Afternoon draw. Hence, there are a lot of possibilities for you to take part and win some prizes in the lotto. Although there are no Bumper games, they are still favored and spread across the country. There is a chance to win 3 times each day a week! Prizes are not as big compared with any other government lottery in India. Odds are also pretty low as there are a lot of people taking part in such games.

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How Does Indian State Lottery Work?

Details on how the Indian State Lottery works

The government lottery in India has a lot of peculiarities. You should check out how it works to have a better understanding of such a game. Eventually, these points may lead you to win.

Weekly Draws

You can take part in games of this type weekly. Furthermore, the government lottery tickets for such games are usually cheap and don’t exceed 2 Indian Rupees. Nevertheless, the awards are not that big either. This type is great for those who are not ready to spend a lot of cash on tickets and want more to have fun than win large prizes. By buying many tickets, you increase the probability of winning in such a government lottery in India several times and increase the award.

Bumper Draws

These games are not as frequent as previously mentioned. Furthermore, the tickets for such games are significantly more expensive. Nevertheless, the games provide much bigger awards. In some cases, the award may get up to 10 crores of Indian Rupees! Such a lotto takes place only once a year. As a rule, they are dedicated to some celebration or holiday. The date of such a lottery may change yearly as well as the number of tickets can be limited. Games of this type are the most popular among Indians.

Is There an Online Government Lottery?

For today, you won’t find any government lottery in India available online. Also, they can’t buy tickets online, but only in local retailers. Perhaps it may change in the future as such entertainment is extremely popular right now, but there are no official announcements from the government yet. Nevertheless, Indians are provided with a great alternative to play international lotteries which are not located in India. In this way, it’s still legal and available online as well.

Lottery Tax

The authorities consider winning in the government lottery in India as an income, so players need to pay taxes. In this way, winning any sum exceeding 10,000 Indian Rupees, you need to pay a tax of 30% of this sum. Such requirements are related to international lotteries as well. Nevertheless, they come into force only if the payout sum exceeds 10,000 Rupees. In this case, drawing out any smaller sum (even if it will be 1 Rupee lower), a player doesn’t have to pay any taxes.

Besides players, the lottery distributors need to pay taxes as well. They need to pay a tax of 12% from their income.

Indian Lottery Laws 2024

According to Indian law, about half of the states allow lottery

According to Indian law, each state may provide its regulation related to the lotto. In this way, almost half of the states allow lotto. 

Government lotteries are still not available online as well as a player can’t buy government lottery tickets on the Internet. Nevertheless, such restrictions don’t cover international platforms. There are two main laws in India related to this type of game:

  • The Public Gambling Act. It bans private lotto games and allows states to provide their own rules related to gambling games.
  • Lotteries Regulation Act. It provides rules and restrictions for this type of game and how operators should regulate them.

Nevertheless, the majority of restrictions are not related to lotto which is not based in India. Due to such a peculiarity, the popularity of the government lottery in India considerably increases. It’s not profitable to the authorities, so such games may become available online in the nearest future as well as more states may allow such games.

How to Play the Government Lottery in India?

A detailed guide on how to play the state Indian lottery

To take part in any of the games, you need to buy a special ticket. Also, you need to be located in an appropriate state if you want to play in some game besides Sambad or Sikkim lotto games. People located in other countries or states can’t buy government lottery tickets and take part in such games. If the ticket contains a winning number, a player wins. A lot of players advise buying many tickets with different numbers to increase the probability of winning.

How to Buy Tickets?

You can buy tickets at local retailers or authorized resellers located in the state where the game will run. It means that you need to be physically present in India to play a desirable game. Any online purchases are prohibited by the law of India, so be attentive and avoid any scams on the Internet. Don’t forget that you need to keep your government lottery tickets to receive a prize if you win.

Where can I Find Results?

The government lottery results are usually presented at a certain time on the official website of some local authority of the state where the lotto is held. Nevertheless, there are a lot of other websites on the Internet providing outcomes of the government lottery in India. It won’t be a problem to find one as there are many of them.

Indian State Lotteries vs International Online Lotteries

Pros and cons, as well as the differences between the state lotteries of India and online lotteries

Lotteries that run locally are favored among Indian players. Indeed, they are quite frequent and may provide great awards. Nevertheless, the bulk of lotto fans prefer online games rather than a government lottery in India. Let’s define the details, advantages, and drawbacks of both types of such entertainment.

Governmental Lotteries

Being available to play for more than fifty years, a lot of Indians play such games every day. Their conditions vary in different states, but usually, the rules are the same. You need to buy government lottery tickets from a retailer and gain success if the ticket is lucky. However, some important details need to be mentioned as well.


  • A lot of frequent draws with cheap tickets. Despite their prizes being small as well, such games are great for having fun. There are a lot of lotto games available for players from India each day, month, and week. At a special time, the outcomes of a game are shown on official sources as well as many other websites.
  • Some games are held once a year and usually provide big awards. Usually, they follow some celebrations or festivals. For example, the Kerala government lottery provides six bumper games per year. As a rule, tickets for such games are quite expensive, but the prizes are profitable as well. 


  • Available only if you are located in a certain state. In other cases, it’s impossible to take part in such a game. Also, it’s unavailable if a customer is outside their country.
  • Tickets for the government lottery in India are unavailable via the Internet.
  • There is a risk to buy a fake ticket as a lot of fraudsters make copies of original tickets.
  • A complex process of claiming the award that requires a lot of time, particular documents, and winning tickets. If you don’t meet the requirements, you won’t receive their award.
  • If it’s too hard for you to claim their prize, they need to use the paid services of an agent.
  • 30% of the winnings above 10000 Indian Rupees must be paid as a tax.
  • Very low odds of winning as such games cover an enormous audience.

Online International Lotteries

Recently, online lottery became a great alternative for a government lottery in India. It’s not unreasonable as international games are legal and available for all Indians. The majority of restrictions don’t follow such a lottery. Besides, they have a list of other undeniable advantages attracting many players.


  • Despite the location, you can join the games from any place.
  • There is no need to buy government lottery tickets from land-based retailers as everything’s available online.
  • The bigger choice of different draws. If there are no frequent draws in some states, you can find any they want on the online lotto. Also, there is a chance to find a game with bigger odds.
  • Playing on trusted online platforms is safer as there is no risk of buying fake tickets.
  • There are much bigger prizes provided by such games. A lucky customer may become rich by winning the lotto.
  • The process of claiming the award is quite simple. All the funds will be added to the digital account of a player and won’t be lost anyway.
  • Unlike in the government lottery in India, there are a lot of profitable bonuses and special events that may positively impact the gaming experience.


  • You still need to pay taxes if they win a prize bigger than 10000 Indian Rupees. Nevertheless, it’s still possible to avoid taxes unlike playing government games.
  • Government games are still unavailable for you online.

Final Verdict

The popularity of the government lottery in India is still pretty high, but the majority of players now prefer online lotteries. Government lotteries provide many daily, weekly, and monthly draws. Also, there is a lot of bumper lotto with great awards. Nevertheless, due to the list of drawbacks such as fake tickets, complex claiming of the winning, unavailability to buy tickets online, location restrictions, and so forth, online lotteries became more demanded. You may enjoy such games whenever you want as the only requirement is to have a connection to the Internet! Try them, have fun and good luck.


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